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Personal effect

Automotive / 08.02.2019

Renowned across the globe for their desirability, Land Rover’s range of luxury SUVs can also be tailored to taste. Simon de Burton meets the team behind the ultimate in exclusive drives

Bold move

Fashion / 29.01.2019

Her eye-catching digital prints and boundary-pushing shapes have given Mary Katrantzou an impressive following. As she celebrates her 10-year anniversary with a special collection, she talks to Flora Drummond-Smith about her work and vision

Lessening the load

Thought / 20.01.2019

With great wealth comes great responsibility and certainly for the new breed of super rich, ostentation is giving way to consideration. Josh Sims examines a quiet movement that’s gaining momentum among the comfortably monied — the luxe of less

Well connected

Wellness / 29.01.2019

The wellness industry is growing exponentially, providing livelihoods for practitioners, product designers and technology developers alike. Emma Moore takes a look at the ever-growing range of stylish innovations to aid good health

Touching the void

Tech / 29.01.2019

Where luxury used to mean obvious extravagance, today it’s all about subtle statements. Jonathan Bell looks at how high-tech goods from smart phones to sports cars are taking a tactile approach to entice the super rich

True visionaries

Atelier / 29.01.2019

Haute bespoke optical frames with heritage provenance are enjoying a renaissance, with two historic companies leading the way