The legendary Jasper Portland Vase is recognised throughout the world, not only for its hand-applied classical bas relief scenes, but also for its distinctive, elegant Grecian urn shape, twin handles and pale blue colour. For her unique interpretation, Hitomi Hosono wanted to bring old and new together in one piece, connecting Wedgwood’s history with her new application of natural forms. After exploring Wedgwood's archives, she chose the fern as a decorative theme to express both softness and the beauty of sequence. In a bolder shade of turquoise blue and with classical nymphs and scenes replaced with a truly exquisite layering of white bas relief ferns, the Turquoise Portland Vase is a true work of art. The ferns seem to grow upwards from the base in an organic form, overlapping one another, completely covering one handle and extending their fronds into the mouth of the vase. Hitomi’s evocative Japanese title for this unique piece is Shōka, meaning sublimation, which from the Latin sublimare means “raised to a higher status”.  

Taking more than 14 hours to produce and consisting of 16 single ornament applications, the vase appears to have transitioned through nature from something solid to something far more ethereal.

Shōka Vase Shōka Vase Shōka Vase
Shōka Vase
Available quantity: 5


  • Material: Jasperware

  • Dimensions: 26.5cm x 19.8cm x 19.8cm

  • Weight: 2752g

  • Colour: White and pale blue

  • Origin: UK


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